Business Paperwork for
Mental Health Professionals 
in Private Practice.

Attorney Approved Business Paperwork:

Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork

If you're a private practitioner wanting to grow your business, offer podcasts, hire independent contractors or a virtual assistant, you'll need legal and ethical business paperwork to protect yourself and your business.  

Your time is valuable.  Don't waste it by creating your private practice business forms from scratch.  We put in a TON of time and paid EXPENSIVE attorneys fees so you don't have to.

Our Attorney Approved Business Paperwork provides clear guidelines and expectations for your working relationships.  All paperwork is easy to update and fully customizable. 

Looking for more specific Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork options for your private practice needs?  Cherry pick your favorites from our 20+ A La Carte forms. 

 SAVE MORE MONEY with our comprehensive Base and Peak Package options. 


Discover the paperwork you'll need to grow your practice...

See below for attorney approved, customizable business paperwork helping you grow your dream private practice. All forms meet the highest legal 

and ethical standards of our profession. 



Protects podcast publication.



Protects intellectual property.

Independent Contractor Agreement

A must have when hiring.

Includes a W9.

Independent Contractor

Agreement & Timesheet

Includes both agreement & time sheet

making it easy to track hours. Includes a W9.

Business Associates Agreement

(Free Resource)

Must have when working with other companies or professionals. This is a free resource that is NOT Attorney Approved. 

*** We recommend consulting a CPA and/or  business attorney for how to custimize this form based off your states laws.***

Looking for more Attorney Approved
Private Practice Paperwork?

Want to assure you have legal, ethical, and comprehensive paperwork?  

We've got you covered, check out our 20+ forms in the link below.

Wonderful Paperwork...

Dr. Kate and Katie are true business leaders in the mental health field. I have personally had success based on their mentorship and have benefited greatly from their podcast content. Also, the podcast agreement is wonderful and I use it for my podcast. Thank you ladies!

-Eva Brown, PhD, LMFT

Worth Every Penny...

"I've purchased their attorney approved documents for my practice and I have nothing but great words to say. No more guessing whether you wrote your agreements correctly and clearly. All I had to do is pretty much put in my practice name and address and print out. Worth every penny!"

-Idit Sharoni, LMFT

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